Working, it’s important you know We all have to do it in one way or another As you grow older you go through seasons Sometimes you love to work Sometimes you hate to work Eventually, hopefully You figure it out, you accept working for what it is A means to an end, a way to... Continue Reading →

The Desert Of The Mundane

Lunchtime, an escape, a brief oasis in the desert of mundane Freedom from the man, from working for the man A man who is not there, the man who is not watching But the man who seems to control your entire existence   So you go, to a place of sanctuary And you stare at... Continue Reading →

Another Day at the Desk

To find something beautiful In the midst of the dark abyss To read something glorious While surrounded by odious vulgarity A few minutes here and there Somehow make the day Just about tolerable Thank you friends Thank you app I might yet survive Another day at the desk

Just Another Lunch Time

Perfumed aroma fills the air Children run and play Laughing the giggle of the free Strangers try not to exchange Flirtatious glances Conversation is avoided Should it not be welcomed? Squirrels search for food Oblivious to their company Overly tamed by the free meals on offer Motionless stream, lacking in life Magnificent tree, so much... Continue Reading →

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