An Unusually Quiet Week

This week, I feel like the chairman of the bored Too quiet, too light, not enough to keep my focus Files fade into dusty tumble weeds As emails arrive at an alarmingly manageable pace Nervous laughter fills the room Accountants twitch in their chairs, then leave for a paid lunch The struggles of commerce in... Continue Reading →


Working, it’s important you know We all have to do it in one way or another As you grow older you go through seasons Sometimes you love to work Sometimes you hate to work Eventually, hopefully You figure it out, you accept working for what it is A means to an end, a way to... Continue Reading →

The Rich Get Richer

Property taxes rise Car payments rise Grocery bills increase Medical expenses through the roof Utilities; a little here a little there Air? How long until they change for air? Wages? Oh they remain stagnant Not enough profit for increases So they say Overtime? No you're salary So you work a little longer Press a little... Continue Reading →

Lunch Time

Coat on, coat off Kind of cool, car’s too warm Roof open, sun’s too bright Window down, enjoy the breeze Window up, quit messing with my hair, why do I even care?   Chicken wrap, diet coke, park bench Fragrant beauty, tranquil fountain Man-made nature Symmetrical wild flowers Enjoying a stroll, never looks up from... Continue Reading →

This was my day

Long day at work Mentally tired Physically exhausted All I could do not to go full on Dennis Leary many times today Frustration or just dealing with stupidity? Bad perception or just a world getting dumber? Took the high road Didn’t want to Knew I had to Worked hard, worked late Got the job done,... Continue Reading →

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