A year of blogging

So I got a notification at some point, I think last week, that I have had my blog for a year now. Really? A year, already!? It seems like a popular thing to do at the beginning of a new year is to review the past years events and then look forward to what your... Continue Reading →

Random WordPress thoughts

The strange thing about a really productive creative spell that you spread out over several days of posting is you get likes on new posts that you don't remember what they are about The app is too picky if I if like your post 10 times, it's because it didn't show up. If I follow... Continue Reading →

Facebook, WordPress & the Thinker

A strange thought just crossed my mind; this is supposed to be a place for me to think so I decided to write about it. Speaking of which, I need to be conscious about writing thoughts here, at least as much as poetic ramblings, this is supposed to be one man’s journey toward conscious thought,... Continue Reading →

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