50 Word Story: One Degree From Hades

A weary commuter, high on coffee and low on sleep, allows her auto pilot to take her back to work. The mercury dances, just one degree from hades, overheating an overcrowded highway. Chaos all around, this is no traffic symphony, but a free for all, a cacophony of pending disaster.       Thought I'd... Continue Reading →


A chance of showers Or so they say ...... My friend, I have to tell you Being from England I am well aware of what a shower is Light rain, briefly One step up from a drizzle Not here in Texas though Oh no, you appear to be confused For what you call a shower... Continue Reading →

Ice Day

The speckled sound of ice grains glancing off the glass window Accompany the crackle of wood burning blissfully in the fireplace Growls & howls, laughter and smiles as dogs and children play The simple beauty of a rare Monday at home, thanks to an icy blast

Daddy loves me

Returning from a birthday party The temperature dances On 100 degrees Then it hits me I still have to mow As we return home My daughter wants to play Absolutely, I'd love to I say Anything to delay the inevitable Yet before I know it It's time to face the inevitable I go out and... Continue Reading →

Summer Threatens

Summer slowly threatens to move in However, not just yet Mother Nature grants as a brief reprieve For now we enjoy the end of another glorious spring Comfort can still be found in the shade The breeze is still somewhat refreshing The sky maintains the presence of small clouds Laughter can still be heard as... Continue Reading →

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