Beyond Repair

You took what was completely broken Completely off track Completely empty   You took that, and made this new being that is here today You took the seemingly beyond repair And put it back together again   You redirected, onto a new path, the right path You took this empty vessel and filled it You... Continue Reading →

The Feelings of a Victim

Fear of confrontation You have no right You have no worth This is what you deserve   Emasculated through neglect Fear driven to the core through punishment Don’t respond, don’t be angry, turn the other cheek You don’t deserve your anger, your pain   Don’t defend, it will only provoke Make things worse, you are... Continue Reading →


Vicious words Or just a joke? Harmless fun Or soul destroying abuse?   Man sized fists Punish a child sized spine If this is friendship What is hatred?   Bruises hidden Inside and out Is it all your fault? Are you really that worthless?   Enough is enough, no more pain The coping mechanisms are... Continue Reading →

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