Be The Change – yes you!!

So today is a big deal, I get it, we all get it. However today saddens me, from what I see online & talking to people it saddens almost everyone. Yes voting is important, however how we live our lives is significantly more important. Somehow we as a society have arrived at a place where... Continue Reading →

Afraid For The Future

I’m no politician, no expert, I find the whole thing so utterly distasteful & corrupt that I try to stay away. I live my life the best I can (most of the time), enjoy myself & try to make a small positive impact in the world. Yet at times it is hard to ignore it... Continue Reading →

America the beautiful

America the beautiful  Land of my dreams Endless possibilities So vastly diverse     When I was a boy   You were car chases Bumbling cops And gun fights     When I was a teen  You gave me music You gave me rock stars And guitars inspired     When I was an adult ... Continue Reading →

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