I am tired Tired of seeing people I care about die Losing the fight to a stupid, evil disease Tired of running from feeling Tired from feeling too much Tired of not knowing the future Tired of caring Tired of not caring Tired of confusion Am I just tired?

A bridge

A bridge, a bridge, I need a bridge Searching the cosmos in helter-skelter fashion For a perfect, beautiful, flowing bridge Then with stupefaction, the bridge was there Of all places, in the shower I found the bridge, the perfect bridge Alas as the mind wandered, weary in the fog of morning The lyrical gift was... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving

Terribly tired Utterly exhausted Almost the weekend Feels like I'm being taunted Time just vanishes As hairs turn to grey Beards grow longer Cannot wait for shaving day A one day escape from the asylum, On the bright side Tomorrow will bring enough pie to fill a double wide So happy thanksgiving to one and... Continue Reading →


Tick follows tock follows tick But wait, I have no clock Digital numbers progress The mind wanders, out of control Dirty insomnia drives me deeper   Despair knocking at the door Waited too long to drug this out Sleep will come eventually Not enough, far too late Tomorrow, which is already today Is already ruined... Continue Reading →

Tiredness flows through me

Tiredness flows through me The desire to move forward lost Sitting on the precipice Predicting a slump Eyes on the prize No slumps allowed Press on & move forward If the effort is too great Take a small step today Shoot for a giant leap tomorrow Slow & steady, progress continues     Today I... Continue Reading →

Mostly Nothing

Of all the great things I could to today Write a poem, read a book Make some music, explore my world Float through timeless fantasies Visit with people, create some art Frolic with children, laugh with angels Serve the needy, make a difference...   What would I do with all that today could be? Mostly... Continue Reading →

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