Finding Time

As time goes on The older I get It is not finding time To be creative That is the issue It is finding time When I am not exhausted That is the constant challenge     I have so many half begun thoughts for season 2, yet so many unfinished pieces haha. It will all... Continue Reading →

Life is like a river

Life is like a river The current always flows The further down stream you get The faster it seems to flow Yet at times On a gentle bend It appears to slow Almost stand still Then when you look back The past seems so distant Children grow, too quickly Bodies age & get creaky Life... Continue Reading →

The Wreck

At the bottom of the ocean, stranded An old wreck lies abandoned A diver apparently lost in time Explores the liner, once so fine   Inspecting the remnants, he proceeds with caution Going from room to room, he checks his oxygen There is nothing left, only a few stray octopus It is time to leave... Continue Reading →

Changing Seasons

All used up The ready folder is empty Everything pre-prepared Has already been used The past is the past All I have left is the present As one season closes A new one prepares to open So what I can offer you is a glimpse Of what surely will be to come The joy of... Continue Reading →


Tick follows tock follows tick But wait, I have no clock Digital numbers progress The mind wanders, out of control Dirty insomnia drives me deeper   Despair knocking at the door Waited too long to drug this out Sleep will come eventually Not enough, far too late Tomorrow, which is already today Is already ruined... Continue Reading →

Who pressed fast forward on life?

Tiredness creeps through Drips down Like the leaky faucet that will just never stop Infiltrating every cell, every atom   Gravity feels doubled today The effort required to move Extenuated by missing desire Yet somehow, someway What is required is accomplished   The dark corner was never crawled into Groans were not transformed into screams,... Continue Reading →

Chasing Time

  Of all the things I would like to do Write in greater depth Think thoughts that require stationary patience Write music that does not sound hurried Read in a way that stays in the memory Not just a fleeting moment in time That vanishes just as swiftly as it was beautiful All these things... Continue Reading →

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