The power of me vs the power of you

Some days it feels likeThe power of meVerses the power of youYet you are on my sideAlways on my sideWhen I want to quitWhen I feel too tired to carry onYou are the coach pushing me to keep goingWhen I feel that I can’t do itWhen I tell you that I don’t have enoughYou pick... Continue Reading →

Give me strength

Alright, you win You were right I don’t have it in me These stupid mfers With their incomprehensible Idiocy Have broken me I can’t take it I want to hurt them I want break them I want to break something I want to explode An atom bomb of venom Show the world my frustration &... Continue Reading →

Thank you Lord

As you speak faith over fear As you seek fellowship over isolation As you realize not only are you not alone But you were never alone As you come to know That your significance is felt In the response of those who love you You slowly begin to win the battle You begin to claim... Continue Reading →

I Am the Moon

Do you want to see my anger? Do you want to feel my rage? You have no idea the power it takes to control & shackle the death that once raged The secret to that power, is that it is not mine Would you like to see a collection of words? Perfectly positioned letters that... Continue Reading →

A sinner’s prayer

Does the light remove the dark or simply cover it up? Impossible questions answered by dreams unable to be understood What is this impossible battle? The war of invisibility You didn’t promise it would be easy or comfortable Only the truth   But what of this enemy, the silent whisperer in the ear Feel the... Continue Reading →

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