The approach to El Paso

  I put down my Elmore Leonard book on the approach to El Paso As there are many new things to see, new to me at least There are sandstone hills, topped with scrub brush So neatly arranged it appears to be combed hair, cornrows maybe   The back of the hill reveals a gaping wound... Continue Reading →

Still Summer

Here it comes, mercury rising The warning is over The attack has begun The furnace arrives On a tidal wave of sweat   It is strange how things evolve What was once a welcome change A comfort, the promise of new Is now a test of endurance Survival   Following 25 years of damp cold... Continue Reading →


As the temperature drops And the sun light fades to a paler shade A small victory is won The victory of surviving the summer   The spoils of the victory are called fall Fall around here is not what you would expect Fall here is what most call summer Beautiful weather, happy kids   The... Continue Reading →

Tour de Goatneck – 2013

My cycling season has not quite gone as planned. I skipped the ride I was scheduled to do in May as it was the week after my vacation & frankly I was exhausted and didn’t want to go do it. The ride I had planned on doing in June clashed with my Mum visiting from... Continue Reading →

Shades of Brown

So many shades of brown I never knew there were so many Brown in the trees Brown on the ground Brown everywhere Its eighty degrees Its twenty degrees Its 50 degrees The wind is blowing like a hurricane There’s sheet ice on the ground What is this nonsense? It’s silly season It’s winter in North... Continue Reading →

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