Morning Light

Morning light The eye of the sky A portal to another dimension Hope arises with every burning cloud A glorious torch removing the darkness As clarity declares its reign Good morning my King Good morning my friends May this day be as blessed as the sky is beautiful  

Still Summer

Here it comes, mercury rising The warning is over The attack has begun The furnace arrives On a tidal wave of sweat   It is strange how things evolve What was once a welcome change A comfort, the promise of new Is now a test of endurance Survival   Following 25 years of damp cold... Continue Reading →

The Morning Sun

The morning light pierces the clouds Showing down golden rays Like spotlights illuminating the ground beneath What special few were chosen to receive The wake up call from heaven On this otherwise regular morning? As the sun’s power grows The sky takes on a marbled effect And the brief show of morning beauty Is put... Continue Reading →

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