Real Life Cowboy

Living on the trail Camping by the fire Sipping in the evening Singing old cowboy songs Life was easier Or so they say When all you had to do Was survive But the cold night air Would eat at your bones And the tension and fear When bullets or natives approached Tell a different story... Continue Reading →

This Storm

Thunder rolls As the horizon darkens Lightning flashes A storm approaches   When the rains come They can was things clean Or leave a flood of destruction What does this storm bring?   Tornadoes flash through Ancient trees no match For the destructive power Yet even this storm, will pass   In the morning Fresh... Continue Reading →

Even Me

Sometimes I wonder if deep inside I fear writing today? Worried, in case it sparks the restlessness, Bringing back the struggle to accept normal, or reality, or sanity Or whatever it is that I've wrestled with, that seems now to be gone     In order to know the light, you must know darkness As... Continue Reading →

The Hangover

How is it that the last one is always one too many? Or was it the one before that? When the ability to reason was removed   How can you decide to play with death Only a week after making the bold declaration That you are no longer interested in such things?   How can... Continue Reading →

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