Darkness Returns

The darkness returns Clawing Tapping Whispering The words that appear from nowhere Momentary bursts of hate Confusion Months passed But only now is it recognized Am I really capable of another fight At this age This week?

What is going on?

What is going on? It’s a question I should ask more of myself than I do. As it stands, it comes up only occasionally, fleetingly. Things have changed over the last year, not for the better. What things? The intangibles inside, the things that were “fixed” before, or so I thought. 2015 was an odd... Continue Reading →

Dancing on the Precipice

Dancing on the precipice Focus lost, goals forgotten In the midst of bliss A mountain plateau has become a home   Time to resist? Refocus? Is it necessary? What about staying here? Stagnation threatens to take hold   A look down the mountain reveals the slope, almost appealing You could ski down, like dancing However... Continue Reading →

Guilt? No…

Guilt? Guilt?No my child you misunderstandThat is not guilt.Remember when you asked Me for help?Do you recall praying for this burden to be taken from you?Is it not your great wish for this struggle to be in the past?Please My dear, listen carefully When you feel this so called guiltWhat else is there?What do you... Continue Reading →

Cavernous Valleys

Cavernous valleys Rolling thunder Deserted solace Emptiness overflowing   How is it so easy to consistently forget Yet so difficult to consistently remember That I do not walk alone There is hope in this hopelessness   There is a redemptive guide Who seeks to heal me Just as he seeks to use me to heal... Continue Reading →

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