The Rich Get Richer

Property taxes rise Car payments rise Grocery bills increase Medical expenses through the roof Utilities; a little here a little there Air? How long until they change for air? Wages? Oh they remain stagnant Not enough profit for increases So they say Overtime? No you're salary So you work a little longer Press a little... Continue Reading →

Parenting & Discipline

Being a parent can be so very rewarding The free displays of love a child gives The giggles, the smiles, the hugs Watching your flesh and blood grow It is such an amazing blessing   Yet there are those times when it is oh so difficult When your teachings have failed Or more so when... Continue Reading →

Something Fine

The continuing degradation of society Seems to makes me enjoy fine things evermore As people move with distaste to cheap and frequent titillation The good things in life seem oh so more appealing Like a hard back book Good French wine A slow meal with good company Or an afternoon at the theater It used... Continue Reading →

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