We Take Things For Granted

We take things for granted And so we should Is that not, at least partially, the point in freedom?   Otherwise we could spent every waking moment Wracked in agony Crying at the things that have gone before us   Look at the things going on right now Surely every word uttered Would be one... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day

  Take a moment and shed a tear A tear of gratitude and a tear of remorse It matters not what you think of the politician Right or wrong, whatever they signed   All that matters is that for you For the love of your country The love of your freedom The love you’re your... Continue Reading →

For the Veterans

To have been places unthinkable To have seen things unimaginable To have done things seemingly unforgivable   In the heat of the desert In the dark of the jungle In the mountainous back of beyond   You built bonds no one on the outside could understand You saw your brothers die You carry the scars... Continue Reading →

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