Life is like a river

Life is like a river The current always flows The further down stream you get The faster it seems to flow Yet at times On a gentle bend It appears to slow Almost stand still Then when you look back The past seems so distant Children grow, too quickly Bodies age & get creaky Life... Continue Reading →

Mist Rises

Rain swollen river Threatens to breach the banks Mist rises From newly aggressive rapids That seek attention With their ominous roar If you dared to enter They would consume you Feed you to the rocks All the while The trees watch on Unmoved by the insolence of the water Simply enjoying the extra nutrients Through... Continue Reading →

The Waterfall

There is a river that flows from the throne A river that gives life Making valleys, forging paths It comes to a cliff and drops   A beautiful waterfall beyond imagination I approach the waterfall slowly As I cup my hands the water fills them More calmly that the flow should allow   I take... Continue Reading →

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