You use religion as an excuse A crutch To pedal your hate Your hate is from no god Hate is pure evil From the depths of darkness Your pain, whatever internal conflict that troubles you Is no reason to give pain to others. I pray that you would find light I pray that you would... Continue Reading →

Making The Leap

I envy your bravery The willingness to try Regardless of the consequences   Yet, I wonder if you had become comfortable Like I have If you would still have made the leap   Or would you freeze Not to rock the boat Not to face the risk   I wonder and strangely fear If that... Continue Reading →

Happy Fathers Day

They say that over 60% of your identity comes from your father Which leave the fatherless generation in quite the quandary What if your father is not there, or no good? Where does that leave your identity?   A bad father skews your image of God A bad father will leave you believing lies about... Continue Reading →


Angelic features Precious heart Golden waterfall of hair Eminently moldable Beautifully impressionable My joy, my honor My privilege, my responsibility The very essence And definition of love Sparkling eyes So abundant in life Teaching me to live As I teach her likewise    

To be trusted with words

Sometime when it seems like you have something to say When the excitement is building, your searching for a pen of a keyboard You’d give anything not to lose it; you think it’s going to be the one. When actually, it’s just a little that really needs to come out   Once you set it... Continue Reading →


Responsibility; such a conflict of emotions Responsibility; can feel like a punishment Responsibility; can feel like a chore Responsibility; can feel like shackles that are holding you back   Responsibility; can feel like a privilege Responsibility; a great entrustment Responsibility; can feel like a why instead of a must Responsibility; will build your character like... Continue Reading →

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