Toe Waterfall

So there you are Thinking, worried About the "why" Maybe even the "how"   And here I am With the “is”, only the "is" It “is” raining “Why” does not concern me   I hold my foot past the porch A liquid crystal lands on my toe A solitary universe of hydrogen and oxygen It... Continue Reading →


A chance of showers Or so they say ...... My friend, I have to tell you Being from England I am well aware of what a shower is Light rain, briefly One step up from a drizzle Not here in Texas though Oh no, you appear to be confused For what you call a shower... Continue Reading →


Translucent nourishment Cascades gently from the sky Bringing new life To what was seemingly on its death bed   The air cools as iridium gray Covers the horizon As the air cools, it thickens Breathing is more of a challenge than normal   As sweet as it is brief The “cool” front passes We return... Continue Reading →

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