Climb Again

Sitting on the ledge looking down Remembering the climb A brief respite   The past is but memories That shape the present Unchangeable, yet it is not you   The future is a choice It is not written Don't stay on the ledge, climb again  

Pure Love

Accepting responsibility It is easy to misunderstand There are many parts of the story Parts I am smart enough not to share here   I can paint you the picture of a victim Make it all seem so pitiful I can give you the psychological justifications As they have been revealed to me   The... Continue Reading →


What would have happened? Where would we be? What if I had said something? What if I had done something?   Could a marriage have been saved? Could an education have been gained? Could dreams have been fulfilled? Could the same people be completely different?   The mind wanders in the wilderness Alternative realities captivate... Continue Reading →

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