Light Of The world

In this dark chaotic world it would be easy to lose hope to lose faith, lose touch, to stop caring so much hate, self righteousness, bigotry There are problems everywhere So much that if you tender your heart it can feel like death   Yet there is another way Where instead of focusing on the... Continue Reading →

A Cold Feeling

A cold feeling As numbness attempts to invade the heart Perfect love feels distant As if fading to black Is this reality Or some twisted fantasy Are eyes open or closed Rapturous chaos Madness ensues White noise like a swirling hurricane Envelopes, overwhelms the senses And then stop . . Quiet ~ ~ Clouds clear... Continue Reading →

October in August?

It is August Yet they are selling Oktoberfest And pumpkins And Halloween paraphernalia What is this madness? Why is everything so early? I have to know what clothes I’m going to need in January When it’s 100 degrees outside And …. Wait …. They are selling Oktoberfest !! Never mind, you may carry on 😉

An Unusually Quiet Week

This week, I feel like the chairman of the bored Too quiet, too light, not enough to keep my focus Files fade into dusty tumble weeds As emails arrive at an alarmingly manageable pace Nervous laughter fills the room Accountants twitch in their chairs, then leave for a paid lunch The struggles of commerce in... Continue Reading →

The Problem is Love?

Is the world burning? Are these the end times? Look at the news Look at social media What has happened? Where are we heading?   Murder, rape, slavery Terrorism, prison brakes Pirates, dictators, kingpins   Money laundering, tax evasion Political corruption, corporate corruption Capitalism, communism, socialism Fuck-it-all-ism   Domestic abuse Rampant prejudice Bullying, pedophilea,  ... Continue Reading →


I am tired Tired of seeing people I care about die Losing the fight to a stupid, evil disease Tired of running from feeling Tired from feeling too much Tired of not knowing the future Tired of caring Tired of not caring Tired of confusion Am I just tired?

This Storm

Thunder rolls As the horizon darkens Lightning flashes A storm approaches   When the rains come They can was things clean Or leave a flood of destruction What does this storm bring?   Tornadoes flash through Ancient trees no match For the destructive power Yet even this storm, will pass   In the morning Fresh... Continue Reading →

The Fire

The flame flickers Extinguishes Leaving only embers Starving for fuel   To Relight the fire Something must be done Fuel must be found Or the fire will become only a memory

Where They Didn’t Used To Grow

I am a little scared I cannot lie About what will happen Later in life It is quite confusing I’m guessing it’s cold Maybe, I really don’t want to know Why as a man grows old He will need extra hairs Where they didn’t used to grow

I Write

I write what I don’t know how to say, I play what I don’t know how to feel, I frustrate, because my expressions are different. I don’t communicate so well and at times, I wish I could, If I could tell you how I feel, I would, But half the time even I don’t really... Continue Reading →


Blood at times is irrelevant You were family in the truest sense of the word You had the deepest of influences A beautiful brother, a beautiful man You were my friend, but more than that, a mentor and a father figure   Your family was an inspiration The moment I entered your house My heart... Continue Reading →

Where is Humanity?

The world today, life today I stopped thinking, again It’s all so ugly, all so broken Do I really want to think about it? Or simply sit back, sink into myself   Hate is everywhere Politicians, media Businesses, friends Social media has become toxic Opinions divide, yet no one cares   When did being right... Continue Reading →

Quick to Hate

People today are so quick to hate Yet so slow to understand So quick to judge Yet so slow to find out the details So quick to reject So slow to realize why they are unhappy Slow down Find out the info Wait to make a judgment call You don’t have to have a cast... Continue Reading →

The Older I Get

The older I get The less time I have Yet the more time I take The older I get   It’s not slowing down But speeding up The notion to think The older I get   As I observe the world with patience, my new friend, It leaves me baffled at the hurry of others... Continue Reading →

Beauty in Pain

There is beauty in pain Not a pretty thing Nor a glossy magazine It's the beauty of reality Of feeling, of being Sometimes from the darkest places Comes the greatest hope The brightest light Yet sometimes it is simply dark And that is ok For there is still beauty in pain

LA Beach Morning

A sea of concrete as magnificent as it is alarming Squeezed between mountains there can be no doubt You are entering the city of angels Traffic crowds, even on Sunday night The air is thick, I suppose you could get used to it But my head hurts Calm quiet relaxing morning I shall take a... Continue Reading →

Even Me

Sometimes I wonder if deep inside I fear writing today? Worried, in case it sparks the restlessness, Bringing back the struggle to accept normal, or reality, or sanity Or whatever it is that I've wrestled with, that seems now to be gone     In order to know the light, you must know darkness As... Continue Reading →


Working, it’s important you know We all have to do it in one way or another As you grow older you go through seasons Sometimes you love to work Sometimes you hate to work Eventually, hopefully You figure it out, you accept working for what it is A means to an end, a way to... Continue Reading →

The Rich Get Richer

Property taxes rise Car payments rise Grocery bills increase Medical expenses through the roof Utilities; a little here a little there Air? How long until they change for air? Wages? Oh they remain stagnant Not enough profit for increases So they say Overtime? No you're salary So you work a little longer Press a little... Continue Reading →


huh, apparently whatever I though I posted here "never" posted, I have no idea what it was either! Color me confused 🙂


A chance of showers Or so they say ...... My friend, I have to tell you Being from England I am well aware of what a shower is Light rain, briefly One step up from a drizzle Not here in Texas though Oh no, you appear to be confused For what you call a shower... Continue Reading →

Whiskey Tears

  A whiskey teardrop Falls gently down her cheek As she sits at a dusty table Staring as ageing flowers wither in a vase   Lonely, empty, confused She wonders, ponders What could be, what could change If he would just speak   But he cannot speak For he is not there And she, she... Continue Reading →

Wear & Tear

There a lot of hard miles on this body A lot of wear and tear The outside is in good condition But inside needs a little repair   Yes I'm older than I look Yet younger than I feel In life the only thing that really matters Is ...........................   😉


Heavy hearted We say goodbye To a beautiful person A wonderful colleague A great friend   Your light shone bright Just not for long enough As the evil that is cancer took you too soon So our hearts break As you rest in peace Fully restored In the loving arms of our Father RIP Joann

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