Hope & the Youth of Today

This morning my 10 year old daughter had a bit of a melt down because she only got 88% for mathematics on her recent progress report, not a grade, but a progress report. It was strange, because when I was a kid my parents would probably have done a dance if I got an 88%... Continue Reading →

The Hope Of A Brighter Day

There is always hope you know Even in the darkest of times There is the hope of a brighter day   This is my hope No matter what the world brings our way That tomorrow will be brighter   I will choose to believe this, always For life is better that way Let us not... Continue Reading →

Why can we not just have peace?

In this war ravaged planet Most people just want to be peaceful To get on with their lives, go to work, pay their bills Maybe watch a game, drink a beer with a friend, hug their family   They didn't ask for this, we don't want this The world is torn, society is stretched to... Continue Reading →

Maybe I’m Blind

Maybe I'm too simplistic Optimistic Maybe I'm blindBut I just don't careI don't see the darkOnly lightI don't see despair Only hopeDisaster, Disaster, DisasterNoOpportunity, Opportunity, OpportunityTo begin anewHope Grace Peace JoyLove 

The Shire of York

The depth of your green makes my heart yearn for home My soul cherishes the moments we share Rolling hills house untold beauty The glories of creation never more spectacular Sheep quietly discuss the day While a beck winds its way Towards a thunderous waterfall Which feeds a magnificent oasis of ecology Coal fire smoke... Continue Reading →

Part the Darkness

Close your eyes Place your hands together in front of your chest Picture darkness in front of you The darkness and chaos of this time of year Whatever causes you pain make sure it's in there Stretch your arms out fully Feel the darkness pressing against your arms Now open your arms slowly Part the... Continue Reading →

A Life of Contentment

A life of contentment Is a happy life Truly grateful am I, to have been brought to this new place   A happy life, a content life, is lived from a position of gratitude Gratitude for what has been given to you This is a learned state, not always an instinctive position   It is... Continue Reading →

There is no Spoon

When our joy comes Not from this world But from the source of joy   Then, when stuck in this world When the rain comes down When troubles come   Still, we have joy, we have peace For even when the agents come We know the truth   There is no spoon     .

Bumper to bumper

Clouds and drizzleBumper to bumperRoad improvements? No improvementTest my patienceConquer pointless frustrations13 days, 14 days, 15 days, every yearA sacrificial commutePleasing to the Lord Forced quiet timeI shall pray, as I mayListen to the wordListen to the musicListen to the deluded arguing over what does not matterI could climb a mountainI could make a differenceI could... Continue Reading →

I’ve heard it said

I’ve heard it said, that greatness awaits and we all have a destiny That true freedom cannot be experienced unless you submit to authority That we should choose to seek the giver, not the gifts   I’ve heard it said, that manhood & masculinity is bestowed, not acquired with age That even if it seems... Continue Reading →

Forgiveness is not easy

Sometimes you have to take the time To realize how truly blessed you are Sometimes you have to make the effort To learn how to forgive yourself   You will never be perfect You will always make mistakes The mistakes of your past May have haunted you for many years   It is time to... Continue Reading →

Drawn to the wilderness

Drawn to the wilderness I run to solitude Give me sanctity Give me peace Let me be Alone in my mind In my own little world Don’t interrupt me Because things are just The right version of Messed up where I am right now  

Lost in Utopia

Cosmic energy flows through space Supernova decorating the horizon Vast emptiness of peace Blurring the boundaries of pleasure and pain Lost in utopia Then, as quickly as it began Seemingly like a wormhole back to the beginning It is over, like it never began But it did & even though everything is the same Nothing... Continue Reading →

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