The Older I Get

The older I get The less time I have Yet the more time I take The older I get   It’s not slowing down But speeding up The notion to think The older I get   As I observe the world with patience, my new friend, It leaves me baffled at the hurry of others... Continue Reading →

The Patience Formula

It has been said that I have no patience That my fuse can be too short However, I believe that the measurements have been inaccurate To determine my true patience level You must apply The patience formula   Time in milliseconds Plus stupidity Multiplied by incompetence   Then you will see That I should be... Continue Reading →

Oh Future

That annoyingly difficult place Where things are not so bad That you feel like it is worth the effort to make a change But not so good that you feel that very same change is unnecessary Oh future, with your guarded secrets With your demands of effort, patience & soul What will you show me... Continue Reading →

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