The Wreck

At the bottom of the ocean, stranded An old wreck lies abandoned A diver apparently lost in time Explores the liner, once so fine   Inspecting the remnants, he proceeds with caution Going from room to room, he checks his oxygen There is nothing left, only a few stray octopus It is time to leave... Continue Reading →

Climb Again

Sitting on the ledge looking down Remembering the climb A brief respite   The past is but memories That shape the present Unchangeable, yet it is not you   The future is a choice It is not written Don't stay on the ledge, climb again  

Pure Love

Accepting responsibility It is easy to misunderstand There are many parts of the story Parts I am smart enough not to share here   I can paint you the picture of a victim Make it all seem so pitiful I can give you the psychological justifications As they have been revealed to me   The... Continue Reading →

All I Ever

  With my recording upgrades on hand it was time to figure out how to use everything. What better way than to record a song I originally wrote in 1994. The song itself was one of my first attempts to write solo, so it has significance in that, however I never liked it. It was... Continue Reading →

Dream or fantasy?

A dream is born A young man picks up a guitar Fly to the highest highs Follow the path Then trail blaze it some more Be a superstar Be a someone The dream is big But the drive is not The hope burns bright But the distractions are many The fear is big The pain... Continue Reading →

Almost suicide

Do you know what it is like To hold a knife to your stomach To want with every fiber of your being to push it through To see the blood & intestines run out To find out in that moment if anybody really cares Then to hate yourself even more because you couldn’t do it?... Continue Reading →

The armor of God

So God was talking to me in church this morning, I almost called it a vision, but in that it wasn’t visual I’ll go with God was talking to me.  How does God talk to me? Usually through thoughts implanted in my mind by His Spirit. How do I know they’re not my thoughts? You’ll... Continue Reading →

The return to darkness

What does it mean that we have returned here To the place of darkness To the origin of pain   What does it mean that I am staring at you Facing your repugnant stare Defying your orders?   There is something you must know satan You despicable beast You father of lies & evil  ... Continue Reading →

The dagger

Your memory is like a dagger to my soul Twisting reality and confusing memories Like autumnal leaves falling to the ground Composting into nothingness   Yet the nothingness nourishes The empty death of history Produces new life What of this new twist on reality?   Experience used instead of abused A newness to replace the... Continue Reading →

11 Years Ago Today

11 years ago today A one way ticket was used A K1 visa was cashed in A last shot at happiness or the first real leap of faith?   11 years ago today A chasm was bridged 6+ months of agony were ended How can you decide to spend the rest of your life with... Continue Reading →


What would have happened? Where would we be? What if I had said something? What if I had done something?   Could a marriage have been saved? Could an education have been gained? Could dreams have been fulfilled? Could the same people be completely different?   The mind wanders in the wilderness Alternative realities captivate... Continue Reading →

The Struggle Within

Struggling with the demons of the past Invisible chains hold me fast Are they there or is it a mirage The struggle within tries to consume me Free me from this misery oh Father of light   I am not perfect, but I have perfection living within me The past, it haunts me & tries... Continue Reading →

Echoes of the past

Echoes of the past Reverberate around my mind Sometimes they are so clear I swear they are real   The things that happened The things that I did The echoes try to fool me They try to confuse   Echoes are just echoes A reminder of events long past The past it shapes me But... Continue Reading →

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