Representation Matters

Representation matters in movies, because when we do not portray a world that is representative of the reality of this beautifully diverse planet that we live on, when we do not present the possibility of impossibility to all; we deny people the opportunity to dream and to project. It is not simply the narrative that we lead people to believe, by giving them this historic line that they are some how less than, but it is also the lack of possibility that we deny people, by reducing their capacity to dream.

Wrangling Time & Making Music

One of the challenges we bloggers face is time, if you stick at it for any length of time, there will come a period when having enough time to write your blog become sparse. That goes for any form of creative expression, unless you are fortunate enough to do it professionally. I have been through... Continue Reading →

Blood Moon

Solar eclipse Blood moon Must get up Must remember to awake A fathers promise, daddy's duty Sleep would have been nice though The alarm would have done its job Then the day would have been refreshing Instead a dull tired ache accompanies my day Yet it is oh so worth it To see her marvel... Continue Reading →

Parenting & Discipline

Being a parent can be so very rewarding The free displays of love a child gives The giggles, the smiles, the hugs Watching your flesh and blood grow It is such an amazing blessing   Yet there are those times when it is oh so difficult When your teachings have failed Or more so when... Continue Reading →

Broken male culture – part 3

Why won’t you be a Dad? Does seeing your child alone not make you sad? It certainly makes me sad That you are afraid to be a Dad   There you are, lost in your drunk Trying to hide from repetitive funk Further down the slope you have sunk To the outside looking like just... Continue Reading →

School run

As you exit the car As you leave the protective cocoon The place of safety that we keep you in   Where we can shelter you Where we can guide you Where we can mold you   When you leave our protection You go into your own world A world over which I have no... Continue Reading →

Happy Fathers Day

They say that over 60% of your identity comes from your father Which leave the fatherless generation in quite the quandary What if your father is not there, or no good? Where does that leave your identity?   A bad father skews your image of God A bad father will leave you believing lies about... Continue Reading →


Angelic features Precious heart Golden waterfall of hair Eminently moldable Beautifully impressionable My joy, my honor My privilege, my responsibility The very essence And definition of love Sparkling eyes So abundant in life Teaching me to live As I teach her likewise    

A Good influence

I had a rather special moment as a parent on day 2 of our cruise. I as was writing my poem inspired by the ship’s wake, my daughter joined me on the balcony to inquire about what I was doing. When I told her I was writing poetry she asked if she could join me.... Continue Reading →

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