The Joys Of Aging 

Ligaments stretchAs joints ache  Strange cracking noises  Are greeted with groans Random roaming pains Everything requires more effort  More care You must warm up to get out of bed it seems  It's strange, as life gets a little easier  It becomes more difficult in new ways Ahh the joys of aging 

A Cold Feeling

A cold feeling As numbness attempts to invade the heart Perfect love feels distant As if fading to black Is this reality Or some twisted fantasy Are eyes open or closed Rapturous chaos Madness ensues White noise like a swirling hurricane Envelopes, overwhelms the senses And then stop . . Quiet ~ ~ Clouds clear... Continue Reading →

Beauty in Pain

There is beauty in pain Not a pretty thing Nor a glossy magazine It's the beauty of reality Of feeling, of being Sometimes from the darkest places Comes the greatest hope The brightest light Yet sometimes it is simply dark And that is ok For there is still beauty in pain

Whiskey Tears

  A whiskey teardrop Falls gently down her cheek As she sits at a dusty table Staring as ageing flowers wither in a vase   Lonely, empty, confused She wonders, ponders What could be, what could change If he would just speak   But he cannot speak For he is not there And she, she... Continue Reading →

Perfect Strangers

He woke up that morning Not sure he even knew his name A familiar stranger across from him What had they become?   Such familiar faces, yet now, perfect strangers Where did the life go, where is the fire? All passion consumed by separate desire Faded embers, a stark reminder Of what once was, maybe... Continue Reading →

Strained My Old

Oh how it aches, It creaks and cracks It denies my denial This battle will go on Maybe to the grave But for now In the midst of the struggle I think I’ve strained my old


Vicious words Or just a joke? Harmless fun Or soul destroying abuse?   Man sized fists Punish a child sized spine If this is friendship What is hatred?   Bruises hidden Inside and out Is it all your fault? Are you really that worthless?   Enough is enough, no more pain The coping mechanisms are... Continue Reading →

Putting On Socks

Of all the things I like to take for granted Like walking quickly Like driving comfortably Like standing up, or sitting down The one thing I have really never considered Is putting on socks   Such a mundane and normal task Almost meaningless and empty Yet when the freedom To put on your socks and... Continue Reading →

9/11 – memories

What can be said about today that hasn’t already been said a thousand times? The awful events of 9/11 will live with us forever. The scars & pain of the families & friends affected will always remain. It breaks my heart every time I think about it. I am not going to attempt to write... Continue Reading →

Almost suicide

Do you know what it is like To hold a knife to your stomach To want with every fiber of your being to push it through To see the blood & intestines run out To find out in that moment if anybody really cares Then to hate yourself even more because you couldn’t do it?... Continue Reading →

The World’s Still Turning

I wrote this song in the fall of 1995, as far as I can recall this is the first time I’ve ever shared any part of it.   Where do you turn & what do you do when your world’s burned You’ve nowhere to run & nowhere to hide, it’s time to face the truth... Continue Reading →

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