14 Years

14 years, it’s quite a while The past seems like a lifetime ago We still drive each other crazy Confound each other with changing moods We get busy, we forget things Sometimes we snap, when there’s really no need We might not be perfect, but honey we ain’t all that bad   14 years, its... Continue Reading →


Your pleasing presence Has a vibrant energy It shakes the sonic spectrum So that even in silence There is not quiet It is truly quite magnificent   Yet this week you are gone The house is unusually still The breath of your life is absent The dishwasher a logistical masterpiece But the stillness troubles my... Continue Reading →

My Everything – the video

When I was recording this song I had always planned to try & make a video for it. I don’t know about kids today, but when I was a lad it wasn’t a song if there wasn’t a video for it 😉 Originally I thought I would video myself recording the song & make one... Continue Reading →

I love you honey poem

A request for this poem somehow appeared on my electronic to do list 🙂 Today seems like a good day to acquiesce to that request.  The voice of an angelI heard through a telephone lineThe ignition sparkFor a new dreamA dream beyond measureA dream so full of promise Uncontrollable passionTerrifying fearA step too far?Complete acceptanceFireworks of intimacy2 paths... Continue Reading →

11 Years Ago Today

11 years ago today A one way ticket was used A K1 visa was cashed in A last shot at happiness or the first real leap of faith?   11 years ago today A chasm was bridged 6+ months of agony were ended How can you decide to spend the rest of your life with... Continue Reading →

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