Maybe I’m Blind

Maybe I'm too simplistic Optimistic Maybe I'm blindBut I just don't careI don't see the darkOnly lightI don't see despair Only hopeDisaster, Disaster, DisasterNoOpportunity, Opportunity, OpportunityTo begin anewHope Grace Peace JoyLove 

Give me Your joy

May the overflow of my heart reflect your glory Let the fire of your love overwhelm inside of me Like a mighty volcano that must be released Make my soul restless for your beautiful presence Envelop me with the embrace of the Spirit Give me the faith to stand for your justice Make all my... Continue Reading →

There is no Spoon

When our joy comes Not from this world But from the source of joy   Then, when stuck in this world When the rain comes down When troubles come   Still, we have joy, we have peace For even when the agents come We know the truth   There is no spoon     .

The Joys of Adulthood

Oh the joys of adulthood Countless hours slaving for others, but always for reward Living now in the freedom we once craved in our youth And the things, the things we get to work for ... Instruments of expression Trips filled with excitement Immaculate collections of art   Oh what? I’m sorry, did you say... Continue Reading →

Bumper to bumper

Clouds and drizzleBumper to bumperRoad improvements? No improvementTest my patienceConquer pointless frustrations13 days, 14 days, 15 days, every yearA sacrificial commutePleasing to the Lord Forced quiet timeI shall pray, as I mayListen to the wordListen to the musicListen to the deluded arguing over what does not matterI could climb a mountainI could make a differenceI could... Continue Reading →

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