I am a Poet

I am a poet Although I don’t look the part Nor do I act the part What could that mean anyway?   I may not always rhyme Or follow the rules In fact I rarely choose to do so I don’t even know that name for what I do   However, that which I choose... Continue Reading →

The Disguise

He walks through life wearing a brilliant disguise He looks the part, the part they expect Yet he has never felt comfortable in that role He never conformed like he should have The destructive wild streak Feral instincts so difficult to subdue   Ashamed of the truth, he hides it The disguise serves him well... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I Miss the City

Sometimes I miss the city I miss feeling like I belong Not lost in a sprawling mass of muddled towns But part of something identifiable   Sometimes I miss walking to the store Stumbling home from the pub Maybe catching a train Or riding the bus with stinky people   Most days though, I prefer... Continue Reading →

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