Color Blindness

Color blindness is a part of the problem Trying to say we’ve moved past it Denies your history It denies the issue   Good intentions won’t change the world Ignoring reality does not provide equality What is written on paper doesn’t always manifest in practice Yes color blindness is part of the problem   The... Continue Reading →

Where is Humanity?

The world today, life today I stopped thinking, again It’s all so ugly, all so broken Do I really want to think about it? Or simply sit back, sink into myself   Hate is everywhere Politicians, media Businesses, friends Social media has become toxic Opinions divide, yet no one cares   When did being right... Continue Reading →

In The Clouds

Shattered shards of mirrors Lie randomly on the ground The horizon disturbingly low Yet distantly spectacular   The evidence of humanity’s need to feel in control Is clear to see from up here, in the clouds Planned communities Artificial corners, an attempt to make ”man-made” appear from nature   All the things we worry about... Continue Reading →

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