Let the healing begin

Sometimes you have to write in order to find the lies The things that you believed to be true For when they fall on the paper  They are so clearly false That the letting go becomes easier  And you can finally begin to move on Let the healing begin Sometimes we share, sometimes we don't,... Continue Reading →

2 Years!!!

The craziest thing happened yesterday I got a notification on the WordPress app that my blog has now been up for 2 years. 2 years! From a guy that thought he had nothing to say. It has been quite the ride, a lot has happened in the last 2 years, I have changed a lot... Continue Reading →

Cavernous Valleys

Cavernous valleys Rolling thunder Deserted solace Emptiness overflowing   How is it so easy to consistently forget Yet so difficult to consistently remember That I do not walk alone There is hope in this hopelessness   There is a redemptive guide Who seeks to heal me Just as he seeks to use me to heal... Continue Reading →

Therapy – Just not enough

Therapy; talking it through Good advice, a nice chat Positive thinking Moving on   Nice ideas, yet ultimately flawed There is only one path to true healing There is only one way to true change Nothing, but the blood of Jesus   Kingdom principles, applied to the matrix Effective guidelines, but Ridiculously underused, like a... Continue Reading →

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