Limit the Limitless 

So often we seek to limit the limitless  Contain it in rules, in words, in a book We assigned a gender to the divine  God the father, God the man  God the person?  God the human … hmmm   But is that what God really is?    Eternal, infinite God The holy, the divine We... Continue Reading →

Because You

I choose You Because You chose me I choose love Because You love me I choose submission Because You have set me free I am healed Because You suffered I belong Because You adopted me I have identity Because You named me I thank You Because You are You

Songs of Praise

I will sing the praises of The Lord at all times Not just in sunshine and good times I will praise him when I suffer For I know He will use it for His glory even though He did not bring it   I will cry out to You Not only in times of anguish but... Continue Reading →

Through Grace Alone

It is through grace alone That I am here today, not the sum of regrets For the boy that was and the boy that could have been But the man who is, who is not the man that was   Without that grace The man who is, is not And the boy that was is... Continue Reading →

To see the face of the Father

Look at me, a moving miracle It is hard to believe we take this for granted What would our ancestors say? Would they think us some kind of god?   I am in the clouds, above the birds Legend would expect us to crash into heaven For angels to be perched atop the clouds Playing... Continue Reading →

Morning Light

Morning light The eye of the sky A portal to another dimension Hope arises with every burning cloud A glorious torch removing the darkness As clarity declares its reign Good morning my King Good morning my friends May this day be as blessed as the sky is beautiful  

The Council

The council gathers in the royal courts, the splendor of the surroundings beautiful beyond description, more magnificent than you would imagine any hand could make. The muffled whispers are ceased upon the pounding of a gavel, pure silence follows and the proceedings begin. “So Yejshu, tell me of the progress in the 2nd Gamma Nebulous”... Continue Reading →

Guilt? No…

Guilt? Guilt?No my child you misunderstandThat is not guilt.Remember when you asked Me for help?Do you recall praying for this burden to be taken from you?Is it not your great wish for this struggle to be in the past?Please My dear, listen carefully When you feel this so called guiltWhat else is there?What do you... Continue Reading →

Give me Your joy

May the overflow of my heart reflect your glory Let the fire of your love overwhelm inside of me Like a mighty volcano that must be released Make my soul restless for your beautiful presence Envelop me with the embrace of the Spirit Give me the faith to stand for your justice Make all my... Continue Reading →

Your Lips

Your lips, as seductive as the evening light Love surrounds, just as the painted sky delights I am lured by your beauty As you whisper your promises Gentle reminders of your omnipresence Hope fills the air Tomorrow will be a new day, yet again    

Daddy loves me

Returning from a birthday party The temperature dances On 100 degrees Then it hits me I still have to mow As we return home My daughter wants to play Absolutely, I'd love to I say Anything to delay the inevitable Yet before I know it It's time to face the inevitable I go out and... Continue Reading →

Lost in questions

Surrounded by the piety of men The belligerence of politicians Dedicated to causes I don't understand Raises the question What should I do? Should I seek the wisdom of men? No, I shall not join the echoes of clanging gongs Although I am more pirate than pious I am but a rescued wretch, floundering in... Continue Reading →

School run

As you exit the car As you leave the protective cocoon The place of safety that we keep you in   Where we can shelter you Where we can guide you Where we can mold you   When you leave our protection You go into your own world A world over which I have no... Continue Reading →

Living An Authentic Life

The internet seems like a really good place to write something about living, or trying to live at least, an authentic life. I thought that, because the internet in my experience is full of fake people. Either people with picture perfect lives, or even more commonly people who use the protection of anonymity to be... Continue Reading →

More than enough

I am in the thick of a 30 days reading plan to go through the gospels. My phone makes these things much easier to accomplish & rather annoyingly at times, much more difficult to avoid. Last week when I read through the feeding of the five thousand, a story almost everyone knows, something jumped out... Continue Reading →

Not today

I have spent the last couple of days writing the next 2 pieces on my self examination series, as I seek to truly discover who I am. However today now seems like a ridiculous day to post something self serving. Instead I felt it appropriate to place on here something I posted on facebook in December. Following the senseless tragedy in... Continue Reading →

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