What If?

What if, we the people decided to be the change? What if, we the people declared we would be the hope? What if, we the people decided that we are better together, regardless of race, nationality, ancestral origin, political, philosophical and theological differences? What if, we the people decided respect and cooperation were better than... Continue Reading →

Afraid For The Future

I’m no politician, no expert, I find the whole thing so utterly distasteful & corrupt that I try to stay away. I live my life the best I can (most of the time), enjoy myself & try to make a small positive impact in the world. Yet at times it is hard to ignore it... Continue Reading →

The Wreck

At the bottom of the ocean, stranded An old wreck lies abandoned A diver apparently lost in time Explores the liner, once so fine   Inspecting the remnants, he proceeds with caution Going from room to room, he checks his oxygen There is nothing left, only a few stray octopus It is time to leave... Continue Reading →

Climb Again

Sitting on the ledge looking down Remembering the climb A brief respite   The past is but memories That shape the present Unchangeable, yet it is not you   The future is a choice It is not written Don't stay on the ledge, climb again  

Pure Love

Accepting responsibility It is easy to misunderstand There are many parts of the story Parts I am smart enough not to share here   I can paint you the picture of a victim Make it all seem so pitiful I can give you the psychological justifications As they have been revealed to me   The... Continue Reading →

Oh Future

That annoyingly difficult place Where things are not so bad That you feel like it is worth the effort to make a change But not so good that you feel that very same change is unnecessary Oh future, with your guarded secrets With your demands of effort, patience & soul What will you show me... Continue Reading →

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