My America

Let me tell you about my America The land that I have always loved It is not a land of a particular political party Or a certain belief system It is a cultural melting pot of the world   It is a place of hope & promise The land of dreams Dreams for all Where... Continue Reading →


You use religion as an excuse A crutch To pedal your hate Your hate is from no god Hate is pure evil From the depths of darkness Your pain, whatever internal conflict that troubles you Is no reason to give pain to others. I pray that you would find light I pray that you would... Continue Reading →

2 Sides, Perspective

Sometimes I wish I was offended or repulsed by things that don't bother me I wish the effects of my damaged past were not still so evident in the choices I freely make Why do I sin? What is sin anyway? Is it really just bad words or lust? Or is it hurting people? What... Continue Reading →


What is happening beneath the surface of your conscious? What are the thoughts you refuse to visit? Are you just drifting Like a ship lost at sea?   Or is there a current That you have avoided acknowledging? The course of your future does not have to be left so much to chance Visit the... Continue Reading →

The Skeptic

Thousands gather to honor the Lord Healing is suggested Then healing is claimed Can it be real? Could it be true? Why do you feel nothing? Is this all a sham A trick to try and make you believe? Really? How arrogant are you, that you could think that this is all about you?  ... Continue Reading →

Pure Love

Accepting responsibility It is easy to misunderstand There are many parts of the story Parts I am smart enough not to share here   I can paint you the picture of a victim Make it all seem so pitiful I can give you the psychological justifications As they have been revealed to me   The... Continue Reading →

To see the face of the Father

Look at me, a moving miracle It is hard to believe we take this for granted What would our ancestors say? Would they think us some kind of god?   I am in the clouds, above the birds Legend would expect us to crash into heaven For angels to be perched atop the clouds Playing... Continue Reading →

We Take Things For Granted

We take things for granted And so we should Is that not, at least partially, the point in freedom?   Otherwise we could spent every waking moment Wracked in agony Crying at the things that have gone before us   Look at the things going on right now Surely every word uttered Would be one... Continue Reading →

There is no Spoon

When our joy comes Not from this world But from the source of joy   Then, when stuck in this world When the rain comes down When troubles come   Still, we have joy, we have peace For even when the agents come We know the truth   There is no spoon     .

The Joys of Adulthood

Oh the joys of adulthood Countless hours slaving for others, but always for reward Living now in the freedom we once craved in our youth And the things, the things we get to work for ... Instruments of expression Trips filled with excitement Immaculate collections of art   Oh what? I’m sorry, did you say... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day

  Take a moment and shed a tear A tear of gratitude and a tear of remorse It matters not what you think of the politician Right or wrong, whatever they signed   All that matters is that for you For the love of your country The love of your freedom The love you’re your... Continue Reading →

Putting On Socks

Of all the things I like to take for granted Like walking quickly Like driving comfortably Like standing up, or sitting down The one thing I have really never considered Is putting on socks   Such a mundane and normal task Almost meaningless and empty Yet when the freedom To put on your socks and... Continue Reading →


The writer writes, the poet muses Wrapped with concern The words flow & fill the page He stores them, safe and sound   But the cloud is a lie Misconstrued, the words become a threat Creative beauty is received as terror Wire taps, and surveillance   A peaceful, if troubled, life Forever changed By uninvited... Continue Reading →

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