Hope & the Youth of Today

This morning my 10 year old daughter had a bit of a melt down because she only got 88% for mathematics on her recent progress report, not a grade, but a progress report. It was strange, because when I was a kid my parents would probably have done a dance if I got an 88%... Continue Reading →

Pure Love

Accepting responsibility It is easy to misunderstand There are many parts of the story Parts I am smart enough not to share here   I can paint you the picture of a victim Make it all seem so pitiful I can give you the psychological justifications As they have been revealed to me   The... Continue Reading →

Through Grace Alone

It is through grace alone That I am here today, not the sum of regrets For the boy that was and the boy that could have been But the man who is, who is not the man that was   Without that grace The man who is, is not And the boy that was is... Continue Reading →

Do Not Cross

The recent sermon series at my church was titled The Power of Everybody. It is no surprise to me that I loved it (I love all the series my church does), but this one particularly spoke to me, and not that there was a doubt, showed me once again why God moved the way He... Continue Reading →

Forgiveness is not easy

Sometimes you have to take the time To realize how truly blessed you are Sometimes you have to make the effort To learn how to forgive yourself   You will never be perfect You will always make mistakes The mistakes of your past May have haunted you for many years   It is time to... Continue Reading →

There is therefore now no condemnation

In this fallen and broken world Troubles will surely come One day or another Your courage and your determination Will be tested as a result   Yet He Himself said   Take heart, for I have conquered the world                          John 16:33   Perspective, it is so difficult to control The world tells us we are... Continue Reading →

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