I Write

I write what I don’t know how to say, I play what I don’t know how to feel, I frustrate, because my expressions are different. I don’t communicate so well and at times, I wish I could, If I could tell you how I feel, I would, But half the time even I don’t really... Continue Reading →

13 Years

13 years to mourn Yet the grief is still as real 13 years to heal Yet the wounds remain fresh 13 years to feel Yet we see compassion turn to contempt   They say Never Forget Tell me? How could We? Always Remember? Yet some memories continue to fail   Take a step back today Pause from... Continue Reading →

The Mighty Pen

Occasionally I look at my blog & wonder if I’m actually doing what I’m supposed to be doing with it, or if I’m just writing for the sake of it. Then I remember that one of the main reasons this place exists is for me to think & to learn to think. So here is... Continue Reading →

Road Rage

Thoughtless insensitivity Reactionary insanity Absolute selfishness Utter contempt for others   Must think the best Should force myself to pretend But there cannot be that many emergencies On every single journey   You bring out the absolute worst in me You make me road rage And in that moment I am as bad as you... Continue Reading →

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