Merry Christmas

He is Emanuel; God with us He is with us when we crest the mountain peaks And He is with us when we are in the valleys At the peak His presence seems so obvious In the depths it seems like He cannot be found And yet He is there The future will show you... Continue Reading →


Blood at times is irrelevant You were family in the truest sense of the word You had the deepest of influences A beautiful brother, a beautiful man You were my friend, but more than that, a mentor and a father figure   Your family was an inspiration The moment I entered your house My heart... Continue Reading →


Hope arises Like a spring sunrise Light dancing on the dew Mist clearing Revealing beautiful fresh flowers Crocuses, tulips, daffodils  et all   The renewal of creation The renewal of your spirit, of your soul Hope, in what is yet to come Hope in what is done but has not yet been received Hope, in... Continue Reading →

Light Of The World

Light of the world Burn inside my soul Kindle deeper love Draw me closer still   May my consciousness Be overloaded by Your presence May the thought of You, direct all that I do Let me be consumed by the fire of Your love   Holy Jesus, may your glorious name Be reflected evermore in... Continue Reading →

I am a Flag

There is a flag You can see it Blowing in the wind This way and then that way Up and down Sometimes it appears to be tied in knots Occasionally it is so in need of cleaning That it is difficult to even see what is on the flag   It can be difficult sometimes to... Continue Reading →

We can discover things

Go, I assure you I am not offended Go to the wise, to the learned Surely they will be able to teach you in the ways of the world   But understand my dears, you do not have to go Maybe in our blindness, our ignorance We can discover things that they cannot see  ... Continue Reading →

Rise as One

Even in the safest of places, The forces of evil will try to attack And in that moment, The army of God will rise as one.   With shields and swords ready We will stand in defiance of the darkness. Victory will be ours For victory is assured.   And in this moment, Eyes will... Continue Reading →

The vast sea of forever

In the vast sea of forever We all crave an island of hope Something to cling to A lighthouse to guide us on the journey To help us navigate dangerous seas I put my faith In the unseen As all that I have seen Has proved unworthy of faith I put my faith in the... Continue Reading →

A prayer’s prayer

Do you know that your prayers are always answered? When you pray the same prayer a hundred or more times When that prayer starts to become part of the ritual of your commute When it seems like there is no response; That prayer will be answered Sometimes the answer is not yet Sometimes the answer... Continue Reading →

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