Easter Choir @ CTCC

I figured I should write about this before Easter becomes too much of a distant memory and the post just seems completely random. This past Easter something pretty cool happened at my church, we had an Easter choir. To my knowledge this is the first time there has been a choir there. So being the... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter

On my very best days When I think right, speak right Walk right and act right Still you died for me On my very worst days When I respond in anger When I fall foul of sin Still you died for me When I didn’t even know you When I had run as far as... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter

Of all the things In all the world There is nothing That makes me think of Or reminds me more of you Than spring   You take what is seemingly dead Seemingly done & dusted You not only restore if You improve it Year after year, you change it You make all things new  ... Continue Reading →

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