50 Word Story: One Degree From Hades

A weary commuter, high on coffee and low on sleep, allows her auto pilot to take her back to work. The mercury dances, just one degree from hades, overheating an overcrowded highway. Chaos all around, this is no traffic symphony, but a free for all, a cacophony of pending disaster.       Thought I'd... Continue Reading →

Race Car Day

I had the opportunity to do something pretty special on Sunday morning using the Christmas present my wife got me this last year. I got to spend some time at Texas Motor Speedway that culminated with an 8 minute drive in an “Indy style” open wheel race car with the Mario Andretti Racing Experience. That’s... Continue Reading →

Road Safety

I have an invention, which you may hate But in my mind, it's gonna be great This time next year, with help from my mates They'll haul my money in very large crates There are some things we'll need Let me first try to sow the seed When a driver rubber necks to inspect We... Continue Reading →

A Corner

The road gently curves to the right Causing untold panic amongst the gentiles What is this madness? What kind of evil trickery is at play here? Do you have a name for such an atrocity? Why yes, it is what we call A corner

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