Ghost Fragment: Bentley

I stumbled across this piece of fan fiction I wrote, an origin story of sorts for my character in Destiny (the video game). I think I had ideas to try & turn it into some kind of audio performance at one point. However at this point it has sat untouched & unread for over a... Continue Reading →

A Light Arises

A light arises from the dark Life born out of death Hope, belief, faith From vulnerable to unstoppable A smaller part of greater good Small, but incandescent Guardian  of the way

Destiny – Alpha

And now for something completely different; This last weekend I was fortunate enough to take part in the PS4 public alpha testing for the forthcoming sci-fi FPS game Destiny. This was a pretty bold / confident step by the producers, usually Alpha tests are private, only occasionally are the later Beta tests made public. This... Continue Reading →


Permanently and incurably dissatisfied Broken and defective Ungracious mud struggler     Temporarily distorted outlook Vision twisted Attacked by lies   Graciously loved Infused with power, with love The battle is hard & long   Victory is certain The future is secure My destiny is triumphant

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