Fire Gone

The fire is gone No longer what if? But what could have been? I would have been really good at that if I'd just got over not doing it !! Maybe, if I could just find something to make this world make sense, To feel alive, Then maybe I could truly live

Undiagnosed Depression

Undiagnosed depression You have haunted me for so long Why then, does the thought of exposing you trouble me so?   Why does my body need more sleep than it used to? Tiredness wracks my body like never before Weary in mind and soul, is there no cure?   Oh weekend, dear weekend Won’t you... Continue Reading →

Cavernous Valleys

Cavernous valleys Rolling thunder Deserted solace Emptiness overflowing   How is it so easy to consistently forget Yet so difficult to consistently remember That I do not walk alone There is hope in this hopelessness   There is a redemptive guide Who seeks to heal me Just as he seeks to use me to heal... Continue Reading →

The Disguise

He walks through life wearing a brilliant disguise He looks the part, the part they expect Yet he has never felt comfortable in that role He never conformed like he should have The destructive wild streak Feral instincts so difficult to subdue   Ashamed of the truth, he hides it The disguise serves him well... Continue Reading →


So I have found myself in something of a funk recently. To the point where looking at getting help for depression is a subject that has been discussed frequently. I don’t know what caused it, I don’t know why I’m here in this place, I do know God wants to get me out of it... Continue Reading →

The Trigger

What triggers the fall? How is it possible To go from overwhelming euphoria Celebrating how amazing life is on a Sunday To despairing depression by Tuesday What is the trigger, what is the key? There has to be a secret to a more Balanced, consistent emotional state If only you would tell me…..

The power of me vs the power of you

Some days it feels likeThe power of meVerses the power of youYet you are on my sideAlways on my sideWhen I want to quitWhen I feel too tired to carry onYou are the coach pushing me to keep goingWhen I feel that I can’t do itWhen I tell you that I don’t have enoughYou pick... Continue Reading →

Almost suicide

Do you know what it is like To hold a knife to your stomach To want with every fiber of your being to push it through To see the blood & intestines run out To find out in that moment if anybody really cares Then to hate yourself even more because you couldn’t do it?... Continue Reading →

The World’s Still Turning

I wrote this song in the fall of 1995, as far as I can recall this is the first time I’ve ever shared any part of it.   Where do you turn & what do you do when your world’s burned You’ve nowhere to run & nowhere to hide, it’s time to face the truth... Continue Reading →

Time wash through as a river

Oh my aching heart Your love torn from the fabric of reality   If there was only something more I could do But the page was not turned, it was torn away Leaving nothing but regret & sadness   It is in the quite still That reality is the clearest The awkwardness of something missing... Continue Reading →

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