Perennial Soul

After the death of winter Always comes the spring Green shoots rising up Through the frost covered dirt   After the rotting & seemingly terminal decay After apparent death Comes new life, new hope To my perennial soul

Is hate the answer? – NO

If hate is the answer You are asking the wrong question If hate is the answer You must be devoid of hope   If you are devoid of hope I can assure you Love is the answer Hate heals nothing   Hate breads only hate The world will end because of hate Or The world... Continue Reading →


I am tired Tired of seeing people I care about die Losing the fight to a stupid, evil disease Tired of running from feeling Tired from feeling too much Tired of not knowing the future Tired of caring Tired of not caring Tired of confusion Am I just tired?


Blood at times is irrelevant You were family in the truest sense of the word You had the deepest of influences A beautiful brother, a beautiful man You were my friend, but more than that, a mentor and a father figure   Your family was an inspiration The moment I entered your house My heart... Continue Reading →


Heavy hearted We say goodbye To a beautiful person A wonderful colleague A great friend   Your light shone bright Just not for long enough As the evil that is cancer took you too soon So our hearts break As you rest in peace Fully restored In the loving arms of our Father RIP Joann

RIP Mary Frances Turner

Just as the flame flickers Then sizzles to extinguish When it's time is done So must our days On this earth sadly end 95 glorious years A blinding light of strength and honor Humility and Sacrifice A family matriarch Moves on to eternal glory I did not know you well But I remember you well... Continue Reading →

A Light Went Out

Sometimes I wonder if we give entertainers too lofty of a place In days gone by it was explorers and warriors that got the praise Inventors and philosophers, doctors and teachers Today a half talented “musician” or “artist” Can climb their way to the top of some strange fortuitous mountain   Yet, for the many... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day

  Take a moment and shed a tear A tear of gratitude and a tear of remorse It matters not what you think of the politician Right or wrong, whatever they signed   All that matters is that for you For the love of your country The love of your freedom The love you’re your... Continue Reading →

Goodbye sweet Shelby dog

The saddest of moments The most broken of hearts Absolute trust betrayed Complete love lost If only you’d listened If only you could have understood So sweet & tender So gentle & full of love You didn't walk you pranced Lineage of beauty deeply encoded in your DNA You loved a tennis ball, especially one... Continue Reading →

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