We are all just numbers to them aren't we? Pieces in a game To be moved without consequence We have no voice No say Only the facade of choice So we accept, as we must The whims, no sorry, dictatorship ... did it again; The great, not bone headed or selfish at all; Leadership of... Continue Reading →

The vocal minority

The vocal minority The chosen few There is only one right opinion That of yours   Your opinion may or may not be correct The thing is, it will only ever be your opinion If you want others to share it You should choose to represent it better   If you are in the democratic... Continue Reading →

The Deceptive Path

There are times in life, that are full of confusion When it appears that storms clouds linger above In the distance, appears to be a green and pleasant land The path over there appears idyllic It appears to be the thing that dreams are made of   However, be careful That path, is a deceptive... Continue Reading →

Higher Ground

To slip into the role of passenger Ambling down the road of life Not weary, not trying Simply getting by   Oh how I enjoy to fall into anonymity It is so deeply pleasing not to press Not to try, simply to be But I know that road & I know where it leads  ... Continue Reading →

The Hangover

How is it that the last one is always one too many? Or was it the one before that? When the ability to reason was removed   How can you decide to play with death Only a week after making the bold declaration That you are no longer interested in such things?   How can... Continue Reading →

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