Broken male culture – part 3

Why won’t you be a Dad? Does seeing your child alone not make you sad? It certainly makes me sad That you are afraid to be a Dad   There you are, lost in your drunk Trying to hide from repetitive funk Further down the slope you have sunk To the outside looking like just... Continue Reading →

Broken male culture – part 2

When I see fatherless children, I see brokenness All around I see abuse & neglect How did our world get to be in such a mess Surely all this pain should cause us to pause & reflect   When I see a marriage neglected & allowed to continually deteriorate Broken to the point of no... Continue Reading →

Broken male culture – part 1

I don’t recall now exactly what the trigger was, but at some point back in December I wrote 3 poems on what I call broken male culture. Rather than just throw them on my blog I had been intending to write a couple of pieces to book end the poems. Well, intending has taken a... Continue Reading →

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