Life is like a river

Life is like a river The current always flows The further down stream you get The faster it seems to flow Yet at times On a gentle bend It appears to slow Almost stand still Then when you look back The past seems so distant Children grow, too quickly Bodies age & get creaky Life... Continue Reading →

Rosé Sky

Morning delight, a shared masterpiece Between the Father & his children Given to a father and his daughter   What could it be? Is Monet at work in the sky today? Maybe a wild party in heaven left Rosé spilled on the sky   Possibly it is a caring gift, a pick you up for... Continue Reading →

Beauty in Pain

There is beauty in pain Not a pretty thing Nor a glossy magazine It's the beauty of reality Of feeling, of being Sometimes from the darkest places Comes the greatest hope The brightest light Yet sometimes it is simply dark And that is ok For there is still beauty in pain

The Shire of York

The depth of your green makes my heart yearn for home My soul cherishes the moments we share Rolling hills house untold beauty The glories of creation never more spectacular Sheep quietly discuss the day While a beck winds its way Towards a thunderous waterfall Which feeds a magnificent oasis of ecology Coal fire smoke... Continue Reading →

Your Lips

Your lips, as seductive as the evening light Love surrounds, just as the painted sky delights I am lured by your beauty As you whisper your promises Gentle reminders of your omnipresence Hope fills the air Tomorrow will be a new day, yet again    

A Light Went Out

Sometimes I wonder if we give entertainers too lofty of a place In days gone by it was explorers and warriors that got the praise Inventors and philosophers, doctors and teachers Today a half talented “musician” or “artist” Can climb their way to the top of some strange fortuitous mountain   Yet, for the many... Continue Reading →

The Morning Sun

The morning light pierces the clouds Showing down golden rays Like spotlights illuminating the ground beneath What special few were chosen to receive The wake up call from heaven On this otherwise regular morning? As the sun’s power grows The sky takes on a marbled effect And the brief show of morning beauty Is put... Continue Reading →

Another Day at the Desk

To find something beautiful In the midst of the dark abyss To read something glorious While surrounded by odious vulgarity A few minutes here and there Somehow make the day Just about tolerable Thank you friends Thank you app I might yet survive Another day at the desk

Simple Beauty

Bold and bright Surrounded yet alone Standing tall like a giant Yet overshadowed & dwarfed   Simple beauty Defenseless frailty Spectacular individual Or just one of the masses   Dull, blending into nothingness Bright and vibrant Wonder of creation Almost alien like   How you are seen How you are viewed How you are perceived... Continue Reading →

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