These are my thoughts on books that I have read, nor review per-say, but thoughts from a non reader on books that I have read.

One of the sad things about when I stopped writing for my blog, was that I also stopped reading, or at least I thought I did, until I started to update this page. Let’s go with I stopped reading as much, it stopped being a priority. For Season 2 I want to make reading books a priority once again. My initial goal with reading was to discover if I actually like it. I do, not as much as video games, but I do 🙂 My new goal is to read books to grow and also to occasionally enjoy so great fiction.

I didn’t stop reading completely, I read Do You Want to Win, a book on Leeds United between 1988 & 1992, which I loved, because it was like a time machine for me. I have read a few others too, including the Western Stories of Elmore Leonard although I’m not sure I finished all of that, Play With Fire by Bianca Juarez Olthoff which was a great read. 

This year on vacation I actually read 2 books, The Artisan Soul by Erwin McManus, an excellent read that encourages you to view your life as a work of art. I also read The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter which was a fun story that one reviewer perfectly described as a fusion of Game of Thrones & Gladiator. 

None of these books I read with the thought of writing about them. However now that i am writing again I am going to make sure to always have a book on the go, which I will then write about in some form once I am done. 

At some point soon I will bring back the reading list for this page, but first I want to spend some time determining what I want to read & in what order.

Direct links to my book “review” posts are below:

Grateful: Diana Butler Bass

The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Seen: Lisa Gungor

Mistborn: Brandon Sanderson

The Shack; William P Young

The Last Champions; Dave Simpson

Jesus is Better Than You Imagined; Jonathan Merritt

Unveiled; Alan Smith

A Supposedly fun thing I’ll never do again; David Foster Wallace

Recommended to me by a friend after this

The Practice of the Presence of God; Brother Lawrence

Wild at Heart; John Eldredge

Fire in the Hole; Elmore Leonard

It’s not about me; Max Lucado

Fathered by God; John Eldredge


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