A whirlwind of lies This divisive cocktail of hatred Truth is no longer an option   Protection of power; priority Predator hierarchy; mandatory Do whatever it takes to keep control   Burn it all down this liar’s den Burn it all down and start again   All the lessons from history You choose to ignore... Continue Reading →

Bail Out

You bail out the rich And hang the poor I don’t know what to think anymore    Billionaire corporate hospitals Sending workers to the street As fat cats in their office take a money bath   Meanwhile the janitor cleans covid  Hoping not to breathe disease  Through her mask made from a t shirt

White Privilege? Ok, let’s talk

Remember these are generational problems will require generational solutions. They will require patience and grace on all sides. They will require the willingness to ask uncomfortable questions and also a willingness to look beyond the current manifestation of these generational problems and find the root cause. 

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