How can it be this way?

I am angry, so very angry

I am scared and confused

My heart breaks as my mind rages

How can it be this way?


We are all equal

That’s what they say

It is what I believe

Yet it is clearly not what they mean


When rights are abused

Protected on paper 

Yet ignored in practice

How can it be this way?


There is no leadership

There is no guidance

There may be feigned empathy

But there is no unity


How can those sworn to protect

So quickly turn to violence?

How can those sworn to serve

Take a life so cavalierly?


When centuries of racial abuse

Centuries of dehumanization

Are once again brought into focus

How can the response be; yeah but?


Not all white people…

Not all cops…

If they would just obey the law…

Why can’t we all just play nice together?







Listen to me:

It is ok to believe that black lives matter and know that all lives matter

It is ok to want police reform and still mourn when police are killed in the line of duty

It is ok to understand the anger that could change a protest into a riot and still not be ok with the riot

It is ok to understand that most police officers are good people doing a difficult job and yet not be able to get past a certain NWA song at the moment


The world feels like it is burning

A pandemic, a lockdown

Protests and riots

innocent people dying in the streets


People talk about reconciliation

As though there has ever been a time where racism hasn’t been a problem

As though there is something we could reconcile to

This isn’t a reconciliation, make no mistake, this is a reckoning


I am angry, I am raging and I have no good way to process it

So I suppose it is time to write

Sat safely in my privilege, with my broken but Jesus infused heart

Because how can it STILL be this way?

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