Limit the Limitless 

So often we seek to limit the limitless 

Contain it in rules, in words, in a book

We assigned a gender to the divine 

God the father, God the man 

God the person? 

God the human … hmmm


But is that what God really is? 


Eternal, infinite God

The holy, the divine

We seek to explain the unexplainable 

Understand the impossible

Through our own need to validate our own self importance

We construct roads to connectivity


Why do we limit the limitless for each other? 


We are but tiny grains of cosmic sand

We are nothing, as insignificant as the ant you killed on the back porch yesterday…

Then again, maybe we are something

Single notes in a grand symphony

We are a part of the chord of harmony

That unites the very essence of existence


So I suppose we are something?

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