The Universe, so infinitely vast

With seemingly limitless possibilities

Encapsulated by the impossibility

Of really understanding it at all


Particles, atoms, molecules

Matter, it all matters

The tiniest of details matters

Cosmic energy maintaining the great dance of existence


And we, the humans, on our little planet, our corner of it all

A species so convinced of our own importance, that

We believe it is all about us, that everything is ultimately, about us

Our egos built from arrogance,


Based on our assured knowledge

That we are on top of earth’s food chain

And thus, everything in the universe, even the stars, exist for us

Everything, always, must surely be about us


For all our knowledge

For all our answers

For all our assumptions

What are we really?


Tiny insignificant creatures

Self-obsessed bizarre creations

We hold within our tiny frames the capacity for such destruction

Yet even that is insignificant compare to the cosmos


Yet still,

We are capable of creation

We are capable of the most powerful force in the known universe

We are capable of love

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