Toe Waterfall

So there you are

Thinking, worried

About the “why

Maybe even the “how


And here I am

With the “is”, only the “is

It “is” raining

Why” does not concern me


I hold my foot past the porch

A liquid crystal lands on my toe

A solitary universe of hydrogen and oxygen

It glistens and time briefly pauses


Then it’s nemesis, gravity, calls

The rain drop wants to float again

As though it were still part of the cloud

But gravity calls and the raindrop is powerless to resist


In the beauty of the moment

The rain drop moves off the side of my toe

A magnificent, but sadly fleeting

Waterfall all of my own


My toe is the raindrop’s personal cliff

Like an Acapulco diver

The drop holds no fear, and it flies into the unknown

Leaving behind only residue


Of the brief moment

When the raindrop was free

And my toe was a cliff

And still I am not concerned with “why”

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